Course Offerings

Establishment of an Aerodrome Manual which has been delivered to over 120 participants to date is ASI-I’s first STP. It aims to provide a clear understanding of the requirements and practical application of the processes needed for the approval of an Aerodrome Manual (AM) by the respective Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The course focuses on the preparation process, implementation, and maintenance of the AM that are applicable to aerodrome operators (as recognized applicants) and their respective CAA approving bodies.

Emergency Response Tabletop Exercise Management is ASI-I’s second STP which has recently been piloted and approved by ICAO. It provides accountable executives managing and overseeing emergency tabletop exercises with the capability of implementing all aspects of the management of tabletop exercises, consequently contributing to the maintenance of safety in air transport. It will also assist in the harmonization of the methods to run tabletop exercises and consequently will contribute to the formalization of airports command and control structures, and improve airports preparedness, responsiveness and business recovery capacity in the face of emergencies. It also uses ground-breaking simulation technology which has been applauded by ICAO.

Strategic Air Service Development for Airport and Airline Executives is a hands on route/air service development course that will enable airport and airlines to work together to understand the strategies and drivers that create win-win relationships.