Executive Talent Development

Businesses are constantly facing various challenges to stay competitive in a global economy. The wave of retirement is a growing concern for organizations as the need to keep expertise within the organization and effectively transferring it to others is coupled with the challenge of succession planning. Yet, even if it is often seen as a critical activity, learning and development are often high on the list of areas to cut in when an organization is restructuring its activities. This is the direct consequence of an organization’s constant questioning of the ever-increasing expenditures with no direct tie-in to the company’s bottom line. Learning and development, however, yield important returns if the learning and development offered directly support the corporate priority targets.

Whether it is in cadre of an accreditation programme, as a series of standalone courses, as a coaching and mentoring initiative, or as a collaborative learning and knowledge sharing community, ASI-I has earned its reputation as a world-class leader in delivering Executive Talent Development and has become the trusted professional development partner for several air transportation organizations.

ASI-I has developed a customized learning approach that ensures highly participative courses, workshops and learning activities, which includes a mix of problem-based learning and case studies grounded in field-based research and closeness to practice enabling participants to focus on the real issues.

Providing the latest thinking and best practices in the aviation management field ASI-I courses are designed to tool participants with actionable learning that quickly translates into solutions that they can apply immediately in their professional environment. Usually set in a workshop format, the ASI-I’s courses enable participants to recharge, rethink, and refine their management skills to give their organization a sustainable advantage.

ASI-I has developed courses on series of topics in aviation ranging from civil aviation administration such as airline, air cargo, airport enterprise and air navigation services management as well as aviation sector human resources, management and development, strategic management and innovation of aviation enterprises.