Learning and Development Technologies

Technology plays a major role in optimizing organizational performance in the field of aviation. The ASI Institute distinguishes itself from the competition by providing custom blended learning solutions that will match an organization’s real learning and development needs, ensuring a seamless integration into existing organizational structure and systems.

The inherent context of the aviation industry requires the coordination of thousands of resources in complex human and physical infrastructures. This is where learning and development and communication technologies have made a notable impact.

ASI-I’s expertise for face-to-face, online and blended course delivery includes:

  • Strategic realignment of the learning and development function
  • Selection of optimum structures and processes for the learning and development function
  • Identifying the critical learning path as well as desired performance-based outcomes
  • Identifying technologies and strategies that will best support learning and development projects:
    • learning management systems (LMS)
    • virtual classrooms
    • authoring tools
    • communities of practice (CoP)
    • knowledge management (KM)
  • Developing learning material using storyboards and templates
  • Developing case studies, problem-based learning, and experience-based learning modules
  • Coaching managers and internal resources to adapt to the new learning and development realities
  • Designing learning assessment strategies that measure the real impact of learning and development projects