Customized Learning and Development

State-of-the-art customized learning and development yields strong results in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) as well as Return on Expectations (ROE). It allows for convenience in terms of flexible timings and cost-effective options, all the while contributing positively to organizational culture and image. The key characteristics of such programs are:

Focus on key competencies and subject matter

In contrast to open enrollment or off-the-shelf learning and development, customized competency development programs allow for a greater control over topics and the time dedicated to each topic. Customized programs are developed in response to a rigorous needs assessment that allow designers to focus on the need-to-know items and eliminate the nice-to-know so that every learning moment is relevant.

Focus on organizational needs and priorities

Customization also provides an opportunity for company-specific issues to be discuss confidentially allowing learners to tackle real issues and also ensure the relevance as well as the transferability of the learning and development to the organization. This also provides an opportunity for organizations to convey their top expectations and priorities throughout the program.

Focus on learning retention

Customized learning is far more personal, emotional, relevant and relatable, all of which have been proven to increase learning retention. Focusing content on issues that employees are currently experiencing provides them with implementable solutions as well as a greater sense of assurance that they can apply what they have learned.

Focus on applicability

Competency-based learning and development within a customized program provides an opportunity to develop course integration exercises that will yield immediate, implementable management tools. In addition, such a program often includes a coaching dimension to oversee learners through their application of new competencies on the job.

Consider team and organizational culture

A customized competency development program provides employees with skills to develop stronger bonds by working through cases together, breaking down silos, and creating a shared vision for working both together and with stakeholders as teams.

Value for time and money

Customized learning and development focuses directly on performance improvements, which gives more value for time and money and eliminates the non-relevant content that most employees are subject to learn when they follow non-customized courses.